The Course

Melissa Kimble Course for Social Media Managers

The Who - My course doesn’t have a name and that’s okay. I’d rather focus what we’re working on together! This course is an email based course with an individual and group component to ensure that you maximize the information you’ll be receiving.

As social media managers we may do a lot of work alone but we learn best when we’re communicating with each other. The course will go live on August 20th and we’ll wrap up on August 27th.

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The What - Here’s the breakdown for the course. I’m leaving NO stone unturned. I’m going to show you my own personal system that I’ve developed over the years.

Day One: Preparation

  • What are some things you need to be mindful of as a social media manager? How do you set-up your portfolio? How do you find social media clients? In this section, we’ll answer those questions plus I’ll take you through the HOW of how I created my portfolio.

Day Two: Systems, Processes, Planning

  • Social Media Management is made easier when you create structure. In this section, will deep dive into the systems and processes I have in place for strategy and execution, plus resources that keep me sharp.

Day Three: Content Creation

  • As a social media manager, the content you create is your bread and butter. In this section, I’ll show you how I create content for the small businesses and national brands I’ve worked with.

Day Four: Managing Clients

  • Social Media Management is made possible through clients. In this section, I’ll show you how I’ve secured clients, my on-boarding and client setup process, and how to manage the client process once they’re no longer new.

Day Five: Reporting, Analytics + Tools

  • Social Media Management is extremely difficult without data and tools. In this section, I’ll show how to look into and check your analytics and provide you with a range of free and paid social media management tools that I’ve used.

On the final day, Monday August 27th, we’ll re-group!

The Why - There’s never been a greater need for social media management services and while that demand is great, you want to be prepared to meet that demand. This course will help you do just that.

The Where: Straight in your inbox, everyday, for five (business) days plus access to a private Facebook Group where I’ll hold specific office hours for you to ask me questions AND chat 24/7 with other managers who are taking this course. On the 7th day (Monday, August 27), we’ll come together to swamp findings, strategies and get feedback on what you’ve learned, how to apply it and how we can continue to stay in contact with each other, once the course is “over”.

The office hours time period in Facebook is my favorite part of this course. Why? Because you won’t just be talking to me, you’ll have access to everyone else who’s taking this course with you. Again, growth happens in exchanging ideas, and you’ll never know what you can learn when you start to connect with others who are doing the work you’re doing.

The How: Because you're one of the first people to sign up for my email list, you can purchase this course for just $47. We’ll start on Monday, August 20th and we’ll wrap-up the course on Tuesday, August 28th. The course and the access to the private FB group will be yours forever. I’ll also plan a follow-up chat for us in October, to check-in.

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