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Welcome ladies, we’re so glad you could join us.

The Ladies Night Book Club is a digital summer book club (June-August) created for Black women to celebrate and read the urban novels of the 90s and early 2000’s. LNBC is a joyful community created by Melissa Kimble and Krissy Brierre-Davis.

You remember all those books you weren't supposed to be reading as a kid? We're talking about them now! The Ladies Night Book Club is a digital summer book club that's giving you the room to celebrate the urban classics like Zane, Omar Tyree, Mary B. Morrison, Terri McMillian, Eric Jerome Dickey, and so on and so forth.

Our core belief is that The Coldest Winter should be a film by now.

That's it.

That's the belief.

Can't wait to chat with you!

Our first book will be The Coldest Winter Ever and we’ll be getting together to discuss it online Sunday, June 23rd at 7pm/8pm EST. Pick your favorite platform: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and meet us there.

Stay tuned for details on how it’ll happen, how you can create this Big Black energy in real life, AND the impossible-to-miss-merch coming your way via our email list.

Visit us across social media to talk about all these classics and more love. We just want you to be happy Black woman - you deserve. Excited to talk about these books with you. Oh, and bring the wine with you. We’re out, thanks.


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